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Soap Dispenser Automatic Sensor 1000ml Plastic

User Manual

Soap Dispenser Automatic Sensor 1000ml

  1. Insert the key into the hole located at the top of the dispenser. Push down with the key and pull the cover towards you. The cover controls a power interlock switch located inside the dispenser. When the cover is in the closed position, it will actuate the power switch. The dispenser will not activate when the cover is in the open position.
  2. Open the cover using the back plate as a template. Mark the screw hole locations on the wall. Install the supplied anchors in the wall. Secure the dispenser with the supplied screws.
  3. To access the battery compartment, depress the compartment tab and pull the compartment towards you. Insert six (6) AA size alkaline batteries as shown in the diagram inside the battery compartment. Replace the battery compartment by sliding it towards the back of the dispenser until it clicks into place.
  1. Fill the receptacle with soap.
  2. Close the cover, and the LED will flash three times, indicating that the dispenser is ready for use.
  3. Place your hand(s) underneath the dispenser within 5 inches of the sensor. The dispenser will dispense approximately 0.4ml of soap into your hand(s).
  4. If additional soap is needed, open the cover and set the toggle switch (refer to figure 2) to either 2 or 3. The dispenser will then dispense soap 2 or 3 times in succession. The LED will flash until the dispenser finishes.


  1. The dispenser cover must be closed to activate it.
  2. If the supply voltage is low, the LED will blink continuously, and the dispenser will cease to function. Please change the batteries immediately.
Troubleshooting Quickly:
  1. If the machine doesn’t respond, please check the following:
  • Ensure that the batteries are installed correctly.
  • Verify if the adapter light is illuminated.
  • Check if the DC plug is securely connected.
  • Examine the battery compartment and DC seat for any signs of rust, as this may indicate a leak from the dispenser mechanism.
  1. 2. If the LED indicator light is flashing at 1-second intervals, it may indicate the following issues:
  • Low battery power.
  • The need for battery replacement.
  • Usage of the wrong voltage adapter (DO NOT USE OTHER VOLTAGE ADAPTOR).
  • If you have already replaced the battery or adapter and the red flashing continues at 1-second intervals, ensure that the unit is dry. If the flashing persists, please contact the manufacturer.
  1. 3. To prevent unintentional dispensing, make sure the bottom of the machine is installed at least 25cm away from any surface. If the LED indicator light is rapidly flashing red, it indicates that the unit is dispensing soap without prompting. Check that there are no objects within 25cm at the bottom of the unit. If the rapid red flashing persists even after checking, install the machine at a height of 10cm.
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