Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

A HD 2500 S-S-SQ-L hand dryer. The hand dryer has a square-shaped design with a sleek, stainless steel exterior. It is designed to efficiently dry hands in a hygienic manner. The image showcases the hand dryer mounted on a wall, featuring a nozzle for directing the airflow. The HD 2500 S-S-SQ-L hand dryer offers a powerful and quick drying solution for public restrooms and other facilities, promoting effective hand hygiene. The stainless steel construction adds durability and a modern aesthetic to the device.

Hand Dryer Stainless Steel 2500 W

User Manual

Thank you for choosing this hand dryer. Our hand dryer is equipped with a CPU and utilizes an infrared sensor for efficient operation. It is designed for durability and stability, featuring an all-metal cover and double protection against overheating to ensure long-lasting and safe use. With a powerful airflow boasting a speed of 30m/s and a blowing volume of 270㎥/h, it dries hands in half the time compared to standard hand dryers. Additionally, its adjustable 360° air nozzles make it versatile enough to dry not only hands but also hair and body, making it an excellent choice for various settings such as hotels, offices, and restrooms.
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Model Air Nozzle Infrared sensor Button remark
No. I Round revolving nozzle Yes No
No. II Settled Nozzle Yes No
No. III Square Revolving Nozzle Yes No
No. IV Square Revolving Nozzle No Yes
  • The all-metal cover provides durability, while the powerful motor generates a high blowing volume, allowing for quick hand drying. With a 360° adjustable air nozzle, you can efficiently dry your hair, face, and hands.
  1. Screw
  2. Cover
  3. Sensor
  4. Air Nozzle
  1. Recommended Installation Height (measured from air outlet to the floor):
    • For adult men: 1.2 meters
    • For adult women: 1.1 meters
    • For children: 0.9 meters
  2. Electrical Connection Instructions:
    • Electrical connections should be made to the property’s fixed wiring.
    • Use a double-pole isolating switch with a break contact distance of at least 3mm.
  3. Grounding Requirement:
    • It is essential to ground this product for safety purposes.
  1. Remove the cover in the following order: ➃➂➁➀ as shown in (Figure 3). Be cautious not to exert excessive force while removing the cover to avoid damaging the wire connecting the cover and the base.
  2. Drill four holes with a diameter of 8mm and a depth of 35mm (see Figure 1).
  3. Attach the base to the holes using the provided plugs and screws (see Figure 2).
  4. Install the hand dryer as demonstrated in (Figure 3):
    • ➀ Connect the ground wire to the cover.
    • ➁ Connect the lead wires of the sensor in both the cover and the base as shown in ➂.
    • Hang the cover at the top of the base.
    • Finally, press the cover onto the base and use the included Allen key to securely fasten the screws as shown in ➃.
  5. Turn on the power, and the hand dryer will activate automatically when hands are placed underneath it.
    • For concealed wire installation:
    • Remove the original power cord.
    • Lead the prepared wire into the hand dryer through the base hole.
    • Connect the wire to the wiring terminal N, L, and .
  1. Once the installation is complete, turn on the power, and the hand dryer will activate automatically when you place your hands underneath the air outlet.
  2. The hand dryer emits hot air when hands are positioned within 11cm or closer to the air outlet and stops operating 1 second after you remove your hands. Additionally, it will automatically stop working after 1 minute of consecutive use. To restart the hand dryer, simply place your hands back underneath and reactivate the sensor.
  3. For model No.IV, press the button, and it will blow hot air for a duration of 30±5 seconds, automatically stopping afterward. To restart its operation, press the button again.
  4. To accommodate various settings, the sensitivity of the hand dryer sensor is set to its highest level. If it operates for an extended period or does not activate after installation, please adjust the sensor as needed.

Voltage Power Frequency Water Splash Proof
110V~/120V~ 1700W 50Hz/60Hz IPX1
220V~/230V~/240V~ 2500W
  1. Install the hand dryer away from shower or bath areas.
  2. Avoid installing the product near bathtubs, washbasins, or other water-containing vessels.
  3. Prevent the product from coming into contact with water to avoid splashing.
  4. Ensure that the air inlet and outlet are not covered or obstructed.
  5. Do not shake the hand dryer.
  6. In case of a malfunction during use, immediately cut off the power, cease using it, and contact our company or a qualified electrician for repairs.
  7. This product is not intended for use by individuals, including children, who are disabled or lack experience and knowledge, unless they have received instructions on its use and are supervised by a responsible person for their safety.
  8. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or a qualified electrician to prevent hazards.
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