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Soap Dispenser Automatic Sensor 2100ml ABS Plastic-AC 220v

Thank you for choosing this sanitizer dispenser, which is operated by a digital circuit. Equipped with an infrared sensor, it provides stable, highly interference-resistant, and sensitive functionality. This dispenser is well-suited for a variety of settings, including hotels, hospitals, and other public places.


  • Automated spraying triggered by an infrared sensor, controlled by a digital circuit.
  • Adjustable spray volume, ranging from 0.5 to 6ml, promoting economic and eco-friendly usage.
  • Features an adjustable nozzle with four settings, spanning from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Large capacity with a maximum of 2000ml.
  • Powered by a DC adaptor, minimizing the need for disposable batteries and reducing waste.
  • 1. Tank
  • 2. Knob
  • 3. Switch
  • 4. Tube
  • 5. Sensor
  • 6. Spray Nozzle.
  • 7. Cover
  • 8. Key
  • 9. Lock
  • 10. Power Cover
  • 11. Lock Pin
  • 12. Base
  • 13. Tank Lid
  • 14. Plug
  • 15. Adapter
  • 16. Power Cord
  • 17. DC Output
  1. Align the dispenser with the installation template provided and secure it to the desired position on the wall. Drill four holes with a 6mm diameter into the wall and insert the provided plugs (refer to Figure 2).
  2. Utilize the key provided to unlock and pull the lock mechanism, which will enable you to open the cover (refer to Figure 3).
  3. Follow the steps outlined in Steps 1 and 2 to remove the tank from the base. Then, securely fasten the dispenser to the wall using the provided screws.
Operation Method

Sanitizer Refill:

  • Open the cover and remove the tank lid.
  • Fill the sanitizer into the tank.
  • Put the tank lid back in place (refer to Figure 5).

Adjust the volume:

  • Turn the knob to adjust the spray volume.
  • The volume is adjustable within the range of 0.5 to 6ml (refer to Figure 6).

Adjust the nozzle

  • Hold the spray nozzle holder.
  • Adjust it to the desired angle from a choice of four levels ranging from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius (refer to Figure 7).

Power Connection:

  • Use your finger to press the lock pin.
  • Open the power cover and retrieve the DC adapter.
  • Connect the DC adapter’s output to the power connector.
  • Secure the power cord with the cord holder and two screws.
  • Close the power cover (refer to Figure 8).
  • Close the dispenser’s cover and plug it in to start using it.

Initial Use:

  • For the first use, initiate several sprays to remove air from the pump. If it doesn’t spray initially, press the air exhaust button (refer to Figure 7) multiple times to prime the dispenser until it sprays sanitizer.

Using the Dispenser:

  • When you require sanitizer, position your hands within a range of 0-8mm below the outlet. The dispenser will automatically release one spray.
Clean the Filter and Tank(Figure 9)
  1. After the dispenser has been in use for an extended period, it may accumulate dirt in the filter and tank. To clean it, follow these steps:
  2. Open the cover of the dispenser.
  3. Pull out the tank from the base.
  4. Open the small lid located on the tank.
  5. Carefully remove the tube and the filter from the tank.
  6. Clean both the tank and the filter using either water or alcohol.
  7. Place the filter back into the tank first and securely tighten the small lid. Be sure not to bend or twist the tube; keep it straight.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean the dispenser and maintain its performance.


  • Rated Voltage: DC 6V
  • Rated Power: 12W
  • Capacity: 2000ml
  • Volume per spray: 0.5ml ~ 6ml
  • Induction range: Approximately 10cm

Adapter Specification:

  • Input: 110V~/120V~/220V~/230V~/240V~/50Hz/60Hz
  • Output: DC 6V
  1. Maintain a minimum clearance of at least 40cm beneath the dispenser.
  2. Avoid installing the dispenser in areas with strong, direct sunlight or above surfaces with high reflectivity.
  3. Ensure that nothing obstructs the dispenser’s outlet.
  4. Keep the sanitizer free from impurities and contaminants.
  5. Do not directly splash the sanitizer onto the dispenser.
  6. Avoid using thinners or chemical liquids that could damage the dispenser’s surface.
  7. Do not use viscous or thick liquids in the dispenser.

Package Contents:
Your package includes:

  • One sanitizer dispenser
  • A copy of the user manual
  • An installation template
  • One adapter
  • A pack containing: 6 screws, 4 wall plugs, 1 key, and 1 cord holder.
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