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User Manual

Operating Instruction(Soap Dispenser Automatic Sensor 2100ml ABS Plastic-AC 220v)

Thank you for purchasing this auto soap dispenser. It is controlled by digital circuit with infrared sensor and battery supplied. It works steady, durable and sensitive, and it has good anti-interference ability. With infrared sensor, it dispenses soap automatically that can avoid hand touch and prevent cross-infection. With low power, make the batteries has longer use-life. It is an ideal choice for hotel, restaurant, household, etc.


  • With very intelligent control, the dispenser will stop working after it keeps working for 30 seconds, which can avoid keeping working because of improper induction.
  • Dispense soap automatically and continually, the dispenser will dispense 1 drop of soap every 3 seconds  during continual induction. After dispense 10 times in a row, it will stop dispensing. Make another induction to activate the dispenser.
  • 1. Pump
  • 2. Installation hole
  • 3. Chamber Cap
  • 4. Battery Cover
  • 5. Chamber
  • 6. Sensor
  • 7. Soap Outlet
  • 8. Switch
  1. Follow the Step 1 and 2, unlock and open the front cover by the key attached as shown.(See Figure 2)
  2. Drill 4 holes of 6mm diameter as shown in(See Figure 3), and fix the dispenser on the wall with the plugs and screws attached.

Battery Installation:

  • Install 4 pieces of LR6 batteries into the box follow “+” “-” pole, put the battery back, and close the cover for the battery box(Figure 4).

Soap Refill:

  • Unlock and open the cap, refill the body, and close the cover. The maximum volume is 1100ml.
  1. Open the front cover, the dispenser is powered-off, and does not work. Close the front cover, the dispenser can be used.
  2. First time to use, make it dispense several times to exhaust the air in the pump.
  3. When it needs soap, place the hands 0-8cm under the soap outlet, the dispenser will dispense automatically. It dispenses 1ml soap each time. When the hands are not removed from the area, it will dispense every 3 seconds until it dispenses 10 times in a row.
  • Voltage: DC 4 x 1.5V LR6
  • Capacity: 1100ml
  • Induction distance: Approximately 8cm
  • One Drop: 1ml


  1. For avoiding improper operation, leave at least 40cm spaces under the dispenser.
  2. Do not install the dispenser in the places which have strong direct sunlight or above the things which have high reflection.
  3. Prevent anything from blocking the soap outlet.
  4. Keep the soap clean without any impurities.
  5. Do not splash the dispenser directly.
  6. Do not use any kind of thinner and chemical liquid which may damage the surface to clean the dispenser.


  • One set of soap dispenser
  • One copy of user manual
  • One pack of 4pcs of 4 x 16 screws, 4pcs of Ø 6mm plugs, 1pc of key
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