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User Manual

Operating Instruction(Soap Dispenser Automatic Sensor 2100ml ABS Plastic-AC 220v)

This dispenser employs a digital circuit and an infrared sensor, ensuring steady, reliable, and sensitive operation. It is an excellent choice for various settings, including hotels, hospitals, and other public places.


  • Equipped with a digital circuit and infrared sensor for automatic soap dispensing.
  • Adjustable nozzle with four settings, ranging from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Large maximum capacity of 2000ml.
  • 1. Tank
  • 2. Tube
  • 3. Switch
  • 4. Sensor
  • 5. Nozzle
  • 6. Cover.
  • 7. Key
  • 8. Lock
  • 9. Power Cover
  • 10. Lock Pin
  • 11. Base
  • 12. Tank lid
  1. Position the installation template against the wall at your desired height and mark the locations of the four mounting holes, labeling them as “6”. Then, insert wall plugs into these marked points (refer to Figure 2).
  2. Unlock the cover and swing it open (see Figure 3).
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to remove the tank. Attach the base to the wall using the provided four screws. Once secured, reposition the tank and lock the cover in place.

Soap Refill:

  • Open the cover and move the lid aside.
  • Fill the soap reservoir and securely put the lid back in place (refer to Figure 5).

Adjust the Nozzle:

  • You can adjust the nozzle to four different levels, ranging from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius (see Figure 6).

Battery Installation:

  • Use your finger to press the lock pin.
  • Open the power cover to access the battery compartment.
  • Insert four LR6 batteries into the battery box.
  • Close the power cover securely (refer to Figure 7).
  • For new units, it’s recommended to operate the dispenser several times initially to remove any trapped air.

Using the Dispenser:

  • Place your hands within 8cm of the sensor range, and the soap dispenser will work automatically.

Regular maintenance of the unit is advised to maintain optimal performance (see Figure 8).

  1. Open the cover and remove the tank.
  2. Remove the small lid and extract the tube along with the small lid from the tank.
  3. Thoroughly clean the tank using water or alcohol.
  4. Reassemble the connector and securely fasten the small lid, ensuring the tube is securely in place.


  • Operating Voltage: DC 6V, 3W
  • Capacity: 2000ml
  • Dose: 1ml
  • Sensor Range: 8cm
Safety Information:
  • Maintain a minimum clearance of 40cm beneath the soap dispenser.
  • Avoid installing the soap dispenser in direct sunlight or above reflective surfaces.
  • Ensure that the soap outlet is not obstructed.
  • Keep the soap used in the dispenser clean and free from contaminants.
  • Never spray water directly onto the soap dispenser.

Package Contents:
Your package includes:

  • One soap dispenser
  • A copy of the user manual
  • An installation template
  • A pack containing: 6 x screws, 4 x wall plugs, a key, and a cable clamp.
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